Hacks for Surviving Summer Break

By: christineh Thursday June 15, 2017 comments

Being a Champion Mom to our kiddos is a full time job. During summer break you probably feel like you are working over-time. Keeping the kids busy and entertained all day every day is a lot of work. So, in order to help you survive summer break, we have put together a few awesome hacks for you to use during these next couple months.

For the kids:

  1. Plan a Schedule

To save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run, work out a schedule for the kids. Set certain days of the week to be outing days and others for staying in. Put your schedule somewhere you and the kids can both see to help avoid confusion or having to repeat yourself constantly.

  1. Give Incentives

Come up with a reward system to help keep your kids focused on positive things. These can be rewards for completing chores, good behavior, or accomplish new challenges. Buy them a toy they have been wanting or plan a trip to a place they have been dying to go.

  1. Independent Time

Create a list of activities that your little ones can do on their own to give you a little break from mommy duty and help teach them to entertain themselves. Give them a list of books to read, building toys to play with, puzzles, outdoor water activities, and really anything that they can do easily on their own.

  1. Camps/ Trips to Grandma’s

A great way to help break up the summer is to get your kids involved in some type of summer camp or even a visit to grandma’s. It will give them a little variety and new adventures as well as a little retreat for you.

  1. Sports

Summer sports are so much fun! From swimming lessons to tennis or softball, there is a large variety ways to get them out and active during the summer months and beautiful weather.

For the Champion Mom:

  1. Quiet Time

Take a few moments to give yourself some quiet time. Having the kids home all day long every day can be a bit overwhelming. Even if it is just 5 minutes in your room or reading a book on the back patio, allow yourself some quiet bliss once in a while.

  1. Night Out

Plan a girls night out to just get out there and have some adult time away from the kids. Being a mom is one of the most important things you can be, but you also are still an individual as well. Go have fun and let loose once in a while.

  1. Spa Day

You work so hard, pamper yourself. Schedule a massage, get a mani/pedi, or even just sit in the bathtub and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day. A little pampering can help fill you back up after pouring yourself into your kiddos.

  1. Hire a Housekeeper

Having the kids home during the summer will likely keep you preoccupied from completing household tasks. Hiring a housekeeper to help take a few of your to-do items off your list will definitely provide you some relief and let you continue to be the Champion Mom you are.

  1. Blow Off Some Steam

Sometimes summer break can be just plain stressful. A key to surviving the summer is to be able to blow off some steam when you need to. Go sweat it out in the gym, blast your music in the car, or escape for a hike in the mountains. Anything that will help you release some frustrations and give you the strength to keep being an awesome mom.

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