Get Your AirBnB Cleaned for Vacation Season

By: christineh Saturday April 27, 2019 comments

If you’re running an AirBnB, chances are you’re earning income using your home as a vacation rental. Trying to keep that property booked? Nothing improves your chances better than good reviews. And nothing can kill a positive review faster than having a property that is not clean.

With the summer vacation season on the horizon, here are tips for getting your AirBnB ready for renting:

  1. Simplify—The first thing that you want to do is simplify the living space as much as possible so that you can clean more quickly during the gap between visitors. It’s helpful to eliminate decorations and knick-knacks that create clutter. Getting rid of these will make it much easier to dust quickly. Similarly, use lighter curtains and shades as heavy fabric ones tend to accumulate dust more frequently.

  2. Get new linens—At the start of the season, it’s probably best to go ahead and invest in a few new sets of sheets, linens, and towels. This way, you can rotate them when one guest leaves and put in a fresh set while you have the other laundered. These should be kept for about six months to a year and then replaced completely for the next season. 
  1. Checklists—Checklists are your friend when it comes time to do a quick clean. First, do a room-by-room walkthrough and write down every item that needs attention. If you have hardwood floors, be sure to include sweeping and mopping. If you have carpeting, then you need to vacuum every room. Be sure to dust thoroughly. Also, make sure that all bathrooms are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned including (and especially) the shower, toilet, and sink. 
  1. Don’t forget outside—The exterior of your property is just as important as the inside when it comes to appearances. Make sure that you are taking care of weekly lawn maintenance. If a storm rolls in, be sure to clear any debris that may have accumulated. Lawn care is something that you might want to outsource unless time permits.

If you’re anticipating a great deal of traffic this year, you may want to consider outsourcing some of the interior cleaning and carpet care as well. Do you include a cleaning fee or a cleaning deposit as part of your fee structure? Doing so can offset the costs of keeping the house well maintained and clean.

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