Does Your Business Suffer from Dirty Tiles Syndrome?

By: christineh Tuesday January 15, 2019 comments

When you walk into a business for the first time, you begin to judge it based on its appearance. If a business begins to look dirty and worn-down, then people will think that the employees and owner aren’t professional and don’t take pride in their work. 

One of the biggest offenders is a tile floor. Since the flooring takes up so much space, it’s hard to hide if it gets dirty and grimy. If your business is suffering from “dirty tiles syndrome,” here’s what you can do to improve its look:

Basic Tools for the Best Clean

To properly clean tile floors, you’re going to need just a bucket and mop, water, and a commercial-grade cleaning solution, preferably a neutral one. Anything too acidic may cause the tile’s finish to corrode, making it look dirty. 

You should also invest in an industrial air mover or dryer for when you are done with the cleaning. Additionally, you may need to use a special cleaner depending on the type of business you own. A restaurant or an automotive shop will probably need a degreaser to keep the residue from accumulating over time. About one ounce of cleaner should be added for every gallon of warm water that you use (i.e., if you are filling up a five-gallon bucket, then use five ounces of cleaner). 

Time to Hit the Floor

Start cleaning by sweeping the tile thoroughly. You don’t want any dust or loose dirt left on the floor as this will make the cleaning process more difficult. Then, scrub the entire floor, being sure to get in the grooves of the tile and the corners of the room. Then, you should dry the floor using the air mover so that it has a nice, even sheen.

If you have scuff marks or stains on the tile, you may need to add more cleaning solution to the bucket, but do this sparingly so that you don’t harm the tile’s finish. If your floors have a yellow tinge to them, then you may need to strip the wax off the tile and re-wax the floor. This, however, should only have to be done occasionally.

In addition to your own cleaning schedule each week, you should seriously consider having a quarterly professional cleaning to really keep your floors in tiptop shape. If you do this, you’ll be telling your clients that you take pride in your place of business.

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