Could Your Dirty Carpets Be a Business Liability?

By: christineh Tuesday February 19, 2019 comments

If you run your own business or manage rental properties, you probably already realize just how much time and energy goes into keeping up the physical appearance of your property.

This isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. A dirty location can negatively impact your business and how you are perceived as a property manager.

But you may not realize that this can also open you up to legal liability issues. 

These days, people are incredibly litigious and will sue for almost anything. That includes injuries or damages incurred from dirty carpets.

The biggest issue that can arise from this is with bacteria, mold, and dust. If you have a business, then you have dozens (or possibly even hundreds) of people spending eight hours or more in your physical site. If your carpets are not cleaned regularly, then bacteria and dust can build up. If there is a moisture problem, then you can see mold start to creep in.

All of these are irritants for the lungs. If a person has asthma, emphysema, or some other breathing difficulty, then their health can be negatively affected and you could be held responsible. The same goes for the elderly, extremely young (such as children at an office daycare program), or those with a compromised immune system. That is why it is so important to get regular cleanings for your business carpet.

One other potential area that many business owners don’t think about is what is going on underneath the carpet.

If your carpet is left without any maintenance or upkeep, it can cause the padding underneath to rot. If this begins to happen, it can cause the subfloor to decay as well. If this happens, an employee could potentially fall through a hole in the subfloor. Then, you are once again going to be liable for the injury.

Let’s face it—business owners today have to be ready for any possible legal issue that may arise. Carpeting and flooring isn’t just a visual feature that shows off the appearance of your business. It can also be a legal liability that can cost you.

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