Commercial Cleaning—Why Realtors Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

By: bchauveau Tuesday November 3, 2020 comments

When a client walks into a new home, they can easily become overloaded as they try to take everything in at once, looking at as many details as possible. But one of the biggest selling points for these clients is the condition of the carpets and floors.


Flooring is a huge amount of space that instantly draws the eye and if there are issues with the carpeting, it can be a real problem in trying to get the home sold. To that end, one of the best things that a real estate agent can do to help move more homes is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to make the house more presentable before potential buyers tour it.


Here are a few tried and true tips for realtors to use for carpets and flooring:


  • Touch Up — You need to hire pros to clean your seller’s carpets to give the flooring a little touch-up. A fresh and revitalized carpet will look better when you first show it off to potential buyers and will help to generate a bigger buzz about the home. The pros know what they’re doing!


  • Odors — When you are looking at a new home, nothing is worse than walking in and smelling something horrible, especially when it is pet odors like urine. That means you need a professional cleaning company that can help eliminate these odors and make your client’s carpets smell clean.


  • Tough Spots and Stains — Besides just making these carpets look and smell better, a good professional cleaning can also get out some of those ingrained spots and stains that have been in the carpets for a long time. Without this, the buyers are liable to take one look at the stained carpet and think that if the floors are so uncared for then the rest of the house must be the same or worse.


  • Final Price — Finally, having a good carpet cleaning done by professionals can help add value to the final negotiated price of the house. Time and again, buyers will bid lower than the house is listed if they feel that there are improvements that they have to make to the home such as replacing the carpets. If the carpets are professionally cleaned, it may be possible to take this option off the table and give you more leverage when negotiating the final price.


In real estate, the look of a home can be everything when it comes to whether or not someone decides to buy it. First impressions are incredibly important. That’s why it’s a great idea for a realtor to keep a professional carpet cleaning company on standby to help get those run-down floors looking better before the next open house.


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