Commercial Cleaning: The Impact of Higher Retail Traffic on Your Flooring

By: bchauveau Monday December 9, 2019 comments

It’s the holiday season and for many businesses that means more traffic flowing into your location. While the money that comes with these customers is great, it also means that all of that foot traffic will take a greater toll on your flooring. This is especially true if you have carpeting in your building.

With that in mind, here are some things you can do to offset the wear and tear on your flooring:

  1. Identify your high traffic areas — First, you are going to want to give special attention to your high traffic areas. Generally speaking, these will be the front entryways, the main aisles, and in front of any special displays you have. Once you have targeted your high traffic areas, you can take some steps to protect them.


  1. Get runners — One of the best things you can do in these areas is put down high traffic floor mat runners. These products act like area rugs to protect the carpet underneath. Unlike the rugs in your home, though, they are backed with heavy rubber to make sure that the mats don’t slip or slide when a customer walks on them. Many are also made of a darker material that can better hide dirt. This will help your store look better as well as protecting the floor.


  1. Clean outside — If you keep your outer entryway and parking lot cleaned, then you will have less chance of dirt and grit coming in with the customers. Make sure that when you clean the store that you are also taking a leaf blower (or snow shovel) to the parking area.


  1. Clean daily — To protect your flooring, you should vacuum every day. If traffic is really high, you may want to even do a second vacuuming during the mid-day if there is a lull in customers.


  1. Schedule a professional — Finally, you need to schedule a professional cleaning just before the holiday season and, if possible, another one after the New Year begins. These professionals can make sure your flooring looks pristine and also lasts you longer.

Your flooring is a major investment for your business. It also helps serve as the first physical feature that customers notice. Taking care of this flooring during the holiday season is imperative to maintaining a professional décor.

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