Commercial Cleaning - Keeping Your Hotel Carpets Spotless

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Hotel floors can be kept sparkling clean even though they are high traffic areas.


Different surfaces need different cleaning solutions, but when it comes to flooring, there are a few best practices every hotel should follow.


Daily Carpet Care


In order to keep the hotel clean and tidy, a hotelier needs to require the employees to vacuum frequently. Hotels get a ton of foot traffic and daily care is essential to keep the floors clean and to protect the lifespan of this type of flooring. Regardless of the volume of traffic, frequent vacuuming will eliminate the dust and contaminants trapped in the fibers of the floor. Good carpet can last a couple of decades if you prioritize the care of this investment.


Invest in Great Rugs


In order to keep the floor sparkling clean, hoteliers should use rugs or carpets. Rugs are easier to replace over time than carpet, allowing you to protect the hotel’s floor long-term. Using multiple rugs is a cost-effective solution.


Spot Cleaning


Drinks and food are commonly spilled by the guests. Hoteliers must handle spills, dust, and contaminants immediately. Stains become increasingly difficult to remove over time. There is an advantage in this situation as most hotels employ dedicated cleaning staff. Emphasize the importance of spotting stains early and have a procedure for cleaning and caring for the carpet when a stain happens.


These tips will ensure that your hotel floors remain sparkling clean even with heavy traffic and that your carpets live their best life.


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