Commercial Cleaning - Is Stair Tread Right for Your Business?

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If you own your own business, then chances are you’ve probably had nightmares about the possibility of facing a lawsuit that could cripple your entire venture. From slip and fall accidents to social media disasters going viral, it seems there are plenty of ways to have your company go under in this crazy world.


One way to prevent this is to do everything that you can to ensure your office or store is safe for yourself, your employees, and your customers. One way to do this is by adding stair tread to your stairways and steps.


What are stair treads?


Generally, the stair is made up of two parts: the stair tread and the stair riser. The stair riser is the part that goes up vertically with each step. The stair tread is the flat, horizontal piece that the person actually steps (or treads) on.


But stair treads can also refer to the material placed on this particular part of the stair to ensure that someone doesn’t slip and fall. If you have carpet, wood, or some other material that can be slick and slippery, then it is very easy for someone to fall going up or down the steps. If they get injured because your stairs weren’t considered safe enough, then you could possibly be legally liable.


What types of stair treads are available?


First, you need to think about your business and your particular need as there are different types of stair tread for indoor stairs or outdoor steps. With indoor stairs, you can find many carpet treads that are non-slip and can make your stairs safer. You can also use vinyl or rubber stair treads, which are very popular in high traffic areas as these also tend to protect the carpet underneath. A third indoor option would be tape stair treads. These are often clear plastic films that can go over a wooden or vinyl stair to make them less slippery. For outdoor stairs, you can still use the rubber stair treads, but aluminum treads are also very popular on wooden stairs as these are specially treated to not rust.


If you run your own business, it is in your best interest to install stair treads on any stairs or steps in your building. By doing this, you are showing that you are going the extra mile for the safety and security of your customers and employees.


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