Commercial Cleaning - Is Regular Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

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The positive side of last year's COVID-19 pandemic is that workplace cleanliness, health and safety have become increasingly important. By cleaning your carpet more frequently, i.e. on a maintenance plan, you will increase the lifespan of your carpet and save money in the long-term.


Here are some reasons to invest in regular carpet cleaning:


Health, Wellness & Safety


Your commercial property or office deserves the best work environment possible. It is important to regularly clean to remove dirt that is readily apparent, like mud on carpets and dust on countertops, and the dirt you can’t see like the dust, mites, and particles in the fibers of your carpet or in the grout of your tiles.


Carpet Care


Carpets become sticky with oily residue from the street and the air. The act of vacuuming is helpful, but it is insufficient on its own. There is a risk of micro-scratches or micro-occlusions occurring on carpet fibers from dirt. These scratches will become encrusted with dirt, and vacuuming will not remove them. Your carpet will be damaged, worn out, and cost more money to replace the longer you wait to have it steam cleaned.


Hiring Professionals


You benefit from efficiency when you hire professionals. Due to their more extensive training and better equipment, commercial cleaners can clean your office more thoroughly and efficiently than in-house staff.


It is vital for your employees and customers that you continue to use your professional cleaning services and make sure that they are visible to everyone in your office. Think about the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your employer or property manager is dedicated to maintaining a healthy, clean work environment. You can do that for your team, your tenants, or your customers with monthly carpet cleaning.


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