Commercial Cleaning: Is Cleaning the Floor Daily in Your Retail Space Enough?

By: bchauveau Monday September 16, 2019 comments

If you have a retail space that caters to customers, then you know that your appearance can make or break the store itself. If a customer comes in once and finds the carpets and flooring dirty and dingy, they’re likely to walk out and never come back again. If they do deign to try out your store a second time and find there has been no improvement, then you can almost guarantee that you will lose their business.

So how do you prevent this? You might think that vacuuming or sweeping is enough, but it may not be for a commercial space.

If you have carpet in your business, then you are probably going to eventually get stains. Sure, you may try to clean up spills as quickly as possible, but general wear on the carpet can leave discoloration and stains.

One area that gets a lot of this is high-traffic spots, such as the entryway or main aisle of a store. These are more susceptible to stains just because of the sheer number of people that come through. If you have any place in your commercial space that customers may spend time waiting, such as a checkout lane, then chances are they will spend some time looking at the floor. If you are running a clothing store, then you probably will have carpeting in the changing rooms. Most customers are not going to want to take off their shoes to try on your clothing line if they see gross stains on the carpet. Also, if you have an area that you want customers to look at, such as a carpeted display with products or mannequins, then that carpet needs to be spotless.

In order to keep this carpet in pristine condition, the best thing to do is schedule regular professional deep cleanings of your carpet. These pros can clean your carpet to get all of the dust, dirt, allergens, and pollutants out of the carpet to protect the health of everyone who comes through. But they can also use their know-how to get stubborn stains out so your carpet will look great for your discerning customers.

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