Commercial Cleaning - How to Deep Clean Your Workspace

By: bchauveau Sunday February 16, 2020 comments

We may not like to think of it this way, but our office workspace is almost like our home away from home. You spend 40+ hours a week there, so you should make sure to take care of it and dress it up a little to make it more “homey.” But that also means that you need to keep it clean and organized, be it an office, cubicle, desk, or even just a cash register terminal.

Here’s how you can deep clean your workspace to keep it looking in great shape:

  • Disinfect EVERYTHING — We are right now in one of the worst flu seasons in years. Your workspace could be a minefield of germs and bacteria. To help with this problem, you need to disinfect everything that you touch. Take Clorox (or similar) wipes and scrub it across all of the surfaces such as your desktop, computer/monitor, and phone. But you can also go a little deeper with the cleaning. Get a can of compressed air to blow out any crumbs or dust lurking in your keyboard. If there are any nooks and crannies that you can’t reach, consider using something small like a cotton swab to clean them.


  • Declutter — Too often we become packrats and hoarders at work. If something needs to be kept, it shouldn’t be in your immediate work area. There’s a place for that and it’s called the filing cabinet. Go through your workspace and check every piece of paper on it. If you don’t need to keep it, trash it. If you’ve finished with it but need to hold onto it, set it in the stack to be filed. But if there is something in your area that still needs action, add that to your “to-do” list and clear it out ASAP. (Decluttering also includes your computer files. Back up what you need to save. Keep what you are working on immediately. Delete the rest.)


  • Dust and Vacuum — This one is really important if you want to make sure to keep your carpeting around for a long time. Dust your workspace thoroughly and then vacuum the carpeting to make sure you get up all the debris and dust. For a really deep clean, consider steaming or professionally cleaning your carpets once or twice a year to keep your floors looking nice and bright.

No one wants to come to work every day to a messy workspace. Instead, give your area a regular deep cleaning and chances are it will make you happier and more productive.

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