Commercial Cleaning: How Your Carpet & Office Productivity are Related

By: bchauveau Tuesday July 16, 2019 comments

You may not think that a clean carpet and productivity are related, but you’d be surprised how much the two are linked. In fact, it could be said that having a clean carpet actually increases productivity. 

We’ve put together three pieces of evidence that support this statement. 

  1. Healthy employees are happy employees. Cleaning is more than just making your office look nice. Dust, dirt, spills, and garbage all contribute to bacteria which can increase the spreading of illness. The carpet is even more susceptible to this, as shoes are bringing in bacteria from the outside world. Keeping your office and carpet clean prevents these illnesses from spreading or forming, therefore helping your employees stay healthy and happy. 
  2. Upkeep is easier. Maintaining a clean office makes a huge difference in overall cleanliness. Rather than letting crud build up, frequent cleaning stops that and helps preserve the clean carpets and furniture. Also, it lets employees know that you care about their workspace and that can go a long way. When employees see this, they don’t want to be the one to dirty up the place so they too will help keep the office clean. This again makes your employees happy, which brings us to our final point.
  3. Happy employees are productive employees. This point is pretty simple, if you are happy in your workplace you are likely to do a better job. Walking into a workplace that is clean gives you a sense of pride and purpose. With pride and purpose, employees will spend less time wishing they were not at work and more time trying to do their best. Thus, increasing productivity.

Cleaning the furniture and appliances in your office is a rather simple procedure. A simple cleaning solution and a sponge can get the dirt off of most items. Carpet, on the other hand, takes a little more effort, which is where commercial cleaning comes in. A proper carpet cleaning company can get your carpet looking brand new and absolutely clean. This sets into motion all that we’ve discussed above. What may have seemed an unlikely duo between cleanliness and productivity, is actually quite a lovely pair.

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