Commercial Cleaning: Clean Office Benefits Most Managers Don't Think About

By: bchauveau Tuesday June 18, 2019 comments

The saying ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ wasn’t just something that your mom or grandma said to get you to take a bath. The benefits of being clean both personally and in an office setting are more than just ‘it’s clean’. However, some of these benefits aren’t recognized because they are hard to measure.

If you are a manager, it is up to you to ensure that your employees have positive morale when coming in to work. Having a clean workplace is a simple thing that can have a huge increase in company morale.

The Hidden Benefits of a Clean Office

  • Improving Mental Health. Working in a dirty office can take a toll on you mentally. Having to see dirt, trash, and disorganization on a daily basis makes you feel as if you are dirty and unorganized. On the flip side, if you are to walk into work and see that everything is clean, you feel clean. You’ll feel better about your work environment and have a better sense of belonging and comfort, and it’ll allow you to concentrate more on your work than what that weird smell is. 
  • Stress Reducing. An offshoot of improved mental health is the reduction of stress. When an office is organized and clean there is less to worry about. Less to worry about means less stress, simple as that. Clean more, stress less.
  • Improved Physical Health. Keeping a dirty office allows for bacteria, mold, smells, and other contaminants to grow. The air that your employee's breathing, which can lead to sickness. When people get sick, they need to stay home from work. Staying home from work means lost hours, increased work for others, morale deflation, and so on. This also brings us to our next point.
  • Saving Money. As mentioned above lost hours translates into lost money. If an employee is not working but still getting paid that money was just wasted. Instead, keeping a clean office will help with employees staying healthy and in turn saving money. Also, by keeping your office clean you will save money on air filters, carpets, equipment, and just about everything else. A business needs money to operate and spending it unnecessarily is not a good business model.
  • Time-Saving. Not only does keeping an office clean save money, but it saves time. Having a cleaning company come daily allows for them to be in your office less, thus saving more money. While they should still clean as they normally would, the cleaning process is easier which allows them to clean the same amount in less time. This will also keep employees from taking to cleaning themselves.

While looking clean is nice, actually being clean is better. When managing an office, you should encourage clean behavior and employ a professional cleaning company. It’s money well spent and you will be able to see an improvement in your employees' well-being and overall attitude. Plus, nobody wants to work in a dirty office, not even a manager.

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