Commercial Cleaning - A Carpet Cleaning Guide for Property Managers

By: bchauveau Sunday April 19, 2020 comments

If you are a property manager, then you know how tough it is to keep your properties looking presentable for prospective renters. As soon as one tenant moves out, you have to turn around and get the unit ready for the next one and you have to do it as soon as possible.

The more time you spend getting a unit cleaned, the less money you are earning on that unit. And one of the biggest things that needs cleaning is the carpeting.

Let’s take a look at how important a clean carpet is and how to get yours cleaned and ready for the next tenants.


Your carpets are, generally speaking, one of the first things a prospective tenant will look at. It takes up the majority of the rental unit and if the carpets look dirty or dingy, then it will be harder to find a renter for the property.

It is also one of the easiest spots in a property to ruin pretty quickly. All it takes is one Kool-Aid filled sippy cup that is leaking or a new puppy who isn’t housebroken and you have unsightly stains to deal with.

One thing that you should consider is being proactive. Hiring professional cleaners or renting a steam cleaner to take care of all of your units may be an option for you.

This regular maintenance can keep the carpets looking fresh when it comes time to move someone new in. It also gives you a chance to take care of stains quickly, before they have a chance to really get “ground in.” If it’s not possible to regularly deep clean all of the units, then you certainly should in between renters.

When looking to hire a professional cleaner, look for the following:

  • Customer reviews and referrals
  • Credentials (including professional affiliations)
  • Licensing/bonding
  • Methodology (such as what chemicals are used and if they pretreat the carpets or add a protectant)
  • Price (but remember that you often get what you pay for)

When it comes to running a rental property, you have to keep the unit looking nice and clean for prospective renters. As such, it is important to have a plan in place for keeping the carpets looking nice and clean. A proactive approach can save you a lot of trouble down the road.


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