Cleaning the Classroom & Daycare Over Summer

By: christineh Monday July 23, 2018 comments

If you are involved in the education system, then you know that the idea of school employees having three months off during the summer is a myth.  Many people work in the schools year-round to make sure it is ready when the students come back in the fall.  The same is true for daycare employees who have to make sure the building stays clean and safe at all times. 

Here are a few tips for making sure your classrooms or daycare rooms are clean this summer.


Normal cleaning during the year will be wiping down surfaces, sweeping, and mopping.  But the summer is when you need to do a deep cleaning of the whole room.  Start from the top down by dusting the light fixtures, bookshelves, and wiping down the walls. 

Then focus on the flooring.  

If your classroom has carpeting, make sure to do a deep cleaning either with a steam cleaner or by hiring a carpet service.  If your carpet is looking worn in high traffic areas, look into a runner or doormat, but make sure that you have these “tacked down” with adhesive to prevent tripping.  If you have tile floors, then now is the time to move out all the furniture into the hallway and strip and wax the floors. 


With daycares, you are less likely to have the full summer to do your cleaning, but this is still an important cleaning opportunity.  Make sure that you sanitize all of the surfaces of your daycare regularly, including not only the countertops, chairs, and desks, but also the toys, games, and puzzles that the kids may handle and that the younger kids may put in their mouths.  Also, make sure that you sanitize the bathroom and food preparation areas regularly.  

Finally, an important consideration is the flooring that can reflect on how professional your daycare appears.  Carpets should be deeply cleaned regularly to remove grit and grime, especially in high traffic areas.  Hard flooring should be swept and mopped periodically and stripped and waxed at least twice a year to keep it looking the best. 

Your classroom and daycare are an outward reflection of your professionalism and helps set the expectations for your students as they come in.  As such, you want to keep it looking nice for the students and their parents.  Following these tips will help you do just that.

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