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Many of us who have pets love them as much as we do the members of our own family. Unfortunately, having pets in the house can take a toll on your carpets and upholstery.


Although you might be able to keep your pets off of the furniture, they are still going to walk on the carpets. Rather than exile your furry kids to the backyard, here are a few ways to manage all that pet hair and keep your carpets and upholstery looking fresh and clean.


  • Vacuuming — This one may sound like a simple and obvious choice for clearing out dog hair. Unfortunately, most of the regular vacuums that people own are poor choices for getting rid of pet hair. Instead, invest in a heavy-duty vacuum that is designed specifically for pet hair. These often have special attachments or more suction power that can loosen the hair and suck it right up.


  • Rubber Brushes — A great tool to have around the house is a rubber squeegee, broom, or brush. By rubbing a rubber brush across the surface, it can loosen the hair and also gather it up for easier vacuuming. Sometimes, it will just ball up and can be easily thrown away.


  • Regular Professional Cleaning — A great idea for getting rid of pet hair is to have a regular professional cleaning. These experts know how to get rid of accumulated pet hair and can do a much better job at getting rid of it than you can with just regular vacuuming.


  • Baking Soda — Many people swear by this last technique as a way of getting rid of pet hair. Although it doesn’t really work to get rid of pet hair, you can still sprinkle some on the carpet and upholstery before vacuuming. This can help get rid of the musty pet hair smell and keep your carpets and furniture smelling fresh.


There are a few different techniques to get rid of the pet hair that accumulates from our furry friends. Regular upkeep is important to help you keep your carpets and furniture looking clean.


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