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By: bchauveau Sunday May 17, 2020 comments

We are now several weeks into an unprecedented time in American education. Since COVID-19 has forced schools to close, many for the remainder of the school year, parents are having to transition to homeschooling as a result.

And, unfortunately, many parents are starting to be more stressed out about the educational aspects than they are about anything else. Many see the loss of two to three months of educational time as very worrisome towards their child’s overall development.

If you’re stressed about the problems of remote learning, here are solutions that can help solve that issue:

  1. Set a schedule—For older students, they’re already used to a set schedule each day. They take between 4 and 8 classes a day of varying lengths, so it should be helpful to keep them on this same schedule. If it’s 8:00 and your child is normally in English class, have them work on their English work. The good news is that most teachers are not assigning a full class period worth of work each day. So, motivate your child to work through it in an organized manner.


  1. Take breaks—Don’t feel like you have to do 8 hours a day of non-stop school. Every school has built in breaks and so should homeschooling. Even middle and high school age children would love the idea of recess. If you are in a stay-at-home situation, you can still let them out into the backyard and let them run off some energy before settling back down for work.


  1. Designate a work area—It’s important that your child take this seriously and work diligently. That’s not going to happen if you allow him or her to do their homework sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Have a designated area such as a home office or dining room table where they can work distraction free. Some will try to sneak in their smartphone or iPod, but you need to limit these to devices that are needed for their schoolwork. If they want to listen to music, put on some instrumental music (preferably upbeat) so they won’t try to sing along.

Learning from home is not as daunting a task as you might first believe. Any teacher will tell you that the key to being successful is to stay organized and not let things slip. Once your child falls a couple of days behind on their work, it will be harder and harder to get caught up.

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