Champion Mom - Planning a Memorable Father's Day

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Even though Dad’s got the perfect Father’s Day present and card, what should you do with your pop on the big day? There is a Father's Day activity to suit all kinds of dads, so everyone can have a great time. 


Here are a few suggestions to consider:


Plan a Backyard BBQ


Even if your dad isn't the cooking type, he'll enjoy a delicious family meal prepared and enjoyed outdoors. Spend time in your own backyard or take the party to a park or a lake to have a little more fun.


Go on an Outdoor Adventure


A good campout has something to offer every father, whether he enjoys fishing, hiking, or just sitting around the campfire.


You can almost always turn this weekend into one in the mountains and woods since Father's Day always falls on a Sunday.


Get Competitive

If your dad enjoys a good competition, this Sunday is the perfect opportunity to challenge him to a game. Whether it’s an obstacle course you’ve built in the backyard, going to an axe-throwing place, or organizing a game of backyard football - there are plenty of ways to both spend time together and satisfy that competitive spirit.


Plan a Project


If your dad is a handyman or the DIY type, planning a project together could be great quality time. Choose a project you can build together (like a birdhouse) and spend the day building it. Or sign up to learn a new skill - like woodworking or leather crafting.


Gifts will almost never be as memorable as experiences. Plan a day to spend time with the father in your life, making memories and bonding. 


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