Champion Mom - Making a Memorable Family Summer

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Are you the only one aiming to make next year's summer even better (or at least just as good) than last year's? As a Champion Mom, it can feel like you have to come up with new and interesting ideas every day. We get how overwhelming that can be. 


Here are a few recommendations for memorable summer activities that won’t feel overwhelming or excessive.


  • Take the kids on a photojournaling journey with disposable cameras or old digital ones. Make it a fun photography adventure! Show them how to seek out the beauty around them.
  • Enjoy a summer treat such as a popsicle, fruit salad, homemade ice cream, watermelon, or S’mores.
  • Find a beach (there are several lakes and reservoirs in Colorado that will work) and do a sandcastle challenge. Kids can build the tallest or most spectacular sand castle.
  • Have a nerf gun or water balloon fight.
  • Grab a sheet and a projector and do a backyard movie night.
  • Do a sunset picnic.
  • Explore your hometown and find parks, memorials, and fun areas you haven’t visited before.
  • Plant something together.
  • Drive far enough from the city to enjoy a dark sky stargazing adventure.
  • Host a backyard camping night.
  • Visit a local splash park.
  • Get together and write out a summer family bucket list.


Free Field Trip Locations for Denver Families


Dinosaur Ridge

Colorado School of Mines Museum of Earth Science

Denver U.S. Mint

Denver Central Library

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Hammond’s Candy Factory

Aurora History Museum


Whatever you decide to do, here’s to making memories with your children while they are still small. It’s the sort of thing that Champion Moms would do!

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