Champion Mom – Making Outdoor Trips a Learning Experience

By: bchauveau Sunday September 6, 2020 comments

Many parents realize that education doesn’t just take place in a classroom (or even a school building). While so many of our children have found themselves trapped behind a laptop or staring at a phone screen, too many haven’t had the same opportunities when it comes to spending time outdoors. The reality is that outdoor trips can be a huge learning opportunity.

Here’s a rundown of why you should consider more outdoor adventures and what you can do to make them true learning experiences:

The benefits of outdoor learning experiences.

There are several reasons why moving your learning experiences to the great outdoors can be beneficial to your children. These include:

  • A greater respect for our world, nature, and the environment;
  • Encouraging physical exercise at the same time as mental stimulation;
  • Promoting self-esteem by allowing your children to see that they can handle themselves in the outdoors;
  • Providing active learning opportunities that include hands-on experiences outside of just “book learning.”

How can you promote learning in the outdoors?

If you are going to venture outside for educational purposes, then there are some things that you might want to include along the way:

  • A compass (This is to teach your children how to navigate without GPS.)
  • Wildlife identifying apps (There are several out there that can take a picture and identify the type of bird, bug, or animal in it. You can combine the world of technology with nature this way.)
  • Binoculars/Telescope (These would be great for getting better views of animals and the stars.)
  • Basic supplies such as a good water bottle or canteen, a comfortable pair of walking boots, and a hiking stick

Whether you are planning to go stargazing at night, hiking through the woods, or exploring waterways in a kayak or canoe, it’s important to go prepared. But one of the benefits of these activities is that they provide your children with an education that is unrivaled.


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