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Winter’s here and for moms (both new and seasoned veterans) that means changing up some of your practices to make sure that your kids stay safe. Winter is a wonderful time, especially if you’re a kid romping around in a winter wonderland. But there are some things that you need to consider before you let the kids loose in the cold and snow.


Here are tips to keep your kids safe this winter:


  • Bundle up (in layers) — When getting the kids dressed for playing outside, it’s important to have them bundled up warm. But to do this, make sure that you have them in layers. Frostbite can be a legitimate concern and layered clothing can help prevent this. But this also means that they can take off layers if it warms up later on.


  • Don’t forget the hat — When you’re bundling the kids up, make sure that you cover their heads with hats or skullcaps. If left uncovered, the head loses a lot of body heat.


  • Beware of cords and scarves — For older kids, scarves and hoodies with cords are fine. But for the little ones, they can be a choking hazard, especially when they get really active.


  • Yes, winter sunburn is real — The reflection of light off of snow can be blinding and can cause sunburns. Although you may have them bundled up tight, any exposed skin (like the face) should have sunscreen applied to prevent burns.


  • Outdoor safety — If it snows in your area, then the kids are going to want to play in it. And they should! Playing in the snow is a great memory for the little ones. But keep them secure by not letting them outside if the temperature (with wind chill) dips below zero. Also, make sure that they are always supervised when outside. Also, if your kids are sledding, make sure that they are away from the roads (even if the roads are supposed to be closed for traffic).


  • Warm carefully — When you come back into the house, warm carefully. If you try to warm up your fingers quickly with hot water, you can actually do nerve and tissue damage. Instead, warm the body up gradually. And don’t forget to have hot chocolate (and coffee for you) on standby when everyone comes in.


This winter, it’s important to create family memories with all of the fun activities that are available. But it is equally important to enjoy these in safety. Following these tips will ensure that you do just that.


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