Champion Mom - Implementing Hygge at Home This Winter

By: bchauveau Sunday March 22, 2020 comments

If you are like a lot of Americans, then you are probably in those last stages of winter, cuddled up in your home and trying to stay warm until the blessed spring arrives. If you are looking for something to add a little warmth to your home until the weather changes, you might want to consider the Danish concept of hygge. This is a practice that tries to promote comfort and coziness as well as togetherness and relaxation.

Here are a few ways to celebrate hygge:

  1. Cozy together with a warm drink — One of the first things that you can do as a family is to enjoy a nice warm beverage. Coffee for the adults and warm tea or hot chocolate for the kids (or the kids at heart) are a great choice. Take some time as you do this to either curl up with your drink and a good book or, if you have young children, spend this time with a family story.


  1. Take a cleansing bath — A little self-care is a great option for those cold winter nights. Slip into a hot bath and just soak, letting the tensions float away. Also, treat yourself to a nice bath scrub or scented oils to help you relax even more.


  1. Break out the board games (and puzzles) — Nothing quite says family togetherness on a cold winter’s night than getting out a board game or jigsaw puzzle for a night of activity. These are low-tech alternatives to spending so much of your time staring at a screen and can really bring your family together.


  1. Spread the light — In Denmark and other Northern European countries, the winters are not just cold, they are also dark. So, in keeping with the Danish tradition, use this time to light some candles. You can even try scented ones that will help you become more tranquil and give the house a pleasant smell.


This winter, introduce something new to your family’s experience. The tradition of hygge can bring you together and promote coziness and warmth like nothing you’ve experienced before.


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