Champion Mom: How to Protect Your Family from Allergies at Home

By: christineh Tuesday June 11, 2019 comments

When spring rolls around and our cars start taking on a yellowish tint from all the pollen, it’s easy to remember that allergy season has arrived. Unfortunately, many of us have allergens that are building up right in our own homes, making our families sick and feeling “run-down.”

If your family is suffering from allergy problems, here are a few things you can do to protect them in your home: 

Cleanliness—Probably the biggest gripe when it comes to housecleaning is the hatred people feel for dusting. However, this isn’t just an issue for those of us who are OCD and want everything to look just right. Dust is one of the top allergens in your home that may be affecting your sinus problems. Dusting should be a weekly job to keep the dust particles to a minimum.

Air Quality—Another way to remove the dust and other particles from your air is to replace your HVAC air filter. Schedule a reminder on your phone to change this out about every three months. (You may want to switch this to every two months if you have cats or dogs, to handle the pet dander accumulation.) Also, consider adding an air purifier to your home to give you another layer of protection.

Professional Cleaning—It’s also a good idea to get your carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned to remove accumulated dirt, dust, and dander. At the least, you should have this done every six months, more if you have pets that get up on the furniture.

Sheets and Draperies—It’s important to get rid of dust mites and other accumulations by washing your bedding at least once a week. In addition, when you wash the sheets, also wash your draperies. This is a forgotten area that many people ignore, but which can accumulate lots of dust over time.

Allergens in the home can wreak havoc on your sinuses. If your family has been really hit by allergies, maybe it’s time to step back and reconsider problem areas in your home that could be the cause of your issues.

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