Champion Mom - Family Activities to Try This Summer

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Summer is almost here, so make sure your kids don't get bored! You’ll need some ideas to encourage both movement and creativity to survive the season with your children.


The best thing about these summer fun activities is that you can do a lot of them as a family!


Plan a Camping Trip 


Camping teaches kids about the outdoors and helps them to appreciate nature and the great outdoors. From national parks to state parks to national forests, Colorado has so many great camping spots. The Rocky Mountain National Park is a favorite camping spot for families because it features great views and excellent camping spaces. Make camping even more fun for kids by camping adjacent to a swimming or hiking spot or near a mountain town you haven’t explored before. If you can’t find a great spot, backyard camping can be just as fun.


Try Gardening


Get to know the true source of food by teaching your kids a little bit about gardening. The kids will love this one; it's not only great for getting outdoors but also for incorporating a little science into their break from school.


Head to the Park


This one is a no-brainer as there is so much you can do at the park and there are so many benefits to being in the sunshine and fresh air. However, try upping the game and making even more memories by planning a picnic, investing in some yard games, or inviting a few friends. Picnics with a global theme are fun. Take snacks and food from different countries with you and introduce a little culture into your adventure.


Uplevel Your Movie Night


For family movie night, consider pulling out some old classics that your kids have never seen before such as The Princess Bride, Flight of the Navigator, Back to the Future, Labyrinth, The Last Unicorn or Willow. There are so many classics to choose from and your kids will start to understand all your movie references!! 


Make an event out of it by grabbing a projector and enjoying the film in the backyard. Invite some friends!


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