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January is Positive Parenting Awareness Month and what better time of the year than January to get a start on changing your parenting style. With the New Year comes resolution for change and becoming a more positive parent is one that everyone can agree with.

Here’s what you need to know about the impact of positive parenting and how it can have an effect on your family. Let’s take a look at these guiding principles:


  1. Provide a safe environment — First, if you can provide a safe home environment, then you can give your children the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world and themselves. By doing this, children become better at communication and problem-solving. We may fear the day when our children no longer need us, but ultimately independence is the main goal.


  1. Provide a positive learning environment — Promote self-confidence by praising your child and giving them lots of positive attention and feedback. When they make a mistake, use this as a learning experience and not a moment of shame for what they did wrong. Also, pay attention when your child tries out something new and praise them for their attempts.


  1. Be assertive when it comes to discipline — Discipline isn’t just about punishment. Instead, set clear goals for your child when it comes to behavior and consequences for what they do wrong. You need to stick to this plan so you can show your child to accept responsibility for their actions.


  1. Be realistic — One of the problems as a parent is putting too much pressure on a child because of unrealistic expectations. But at the same time, you should still push them some, so they know you have high expectations for them. It’s a balancing act, but still an important one.


  1. Seek out help — Finally, an important positive parenting principle is taking care of yourself. If you feel like you need help, then ask. No one is born a perfect parent. If you need advice, then find a support system to help you with your problem.

Positive parenting is an important concept because it helps foster independence, creativity, and self-esteem in children. By having positive, realistic expectations which you establish with your child, you are setting them up for future success.

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