Champion Mom - Beating Cabin Fever this Winter

By: bchauveau Monday December 7, 2020 comments


This winter, the possibility of having cabin fever has been amplified thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many of us are already having a touch of it after being quarantined for so long. But it is especially hard on kids who have all that boundless energy with little to no place to use it up.


Here are a few ways to beat cabin fever this winter:


  • Get out and play — One thing you really want to encourage your kids to do is to go out and play as much as possible. Even if it is snowing, it’s important for your kids to burn off some of that energy. And playing in the snow is an important part of every person’s childhood. Just make sure to keep them dressed in heavy layers and put sunscreen on any exposed skin. If the temperature dips into single digits, you might want to keep them inside. But otherwise, it should be safe.


  • Do something crafty — Before the winter months kick in, it’s a good idea to create an arts and crafts kit. This can include coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, paints, easels, and Play-Do or modeling clay. Just have it waiting in a box for those cold winter days when the weather is too bad to go outside.


  • Old school puzzles and games — Even though you aren’t going to want your kid wasting time on video games, you can go old school by encouraging your child to play board games and put together puzzles. Keep a supply of age-appropriate games (everything from Go Fish to Monopoly and Clue) as well as a variety of jigsaw puzzles.


  • Educational visits — Even with COVID and weather problems, many libraries are still open with limitations. This would be the perfect time to check out the library and let your kids pick out their own books. Don’t forget to look for audiobooks and DVDs as well. Many libraries have more in their selection than just books.


This winter, it’s important to have yourself prepared to spend extra time in lockdown because of the weather and the pandemic. By taking the time to stock up on a few items, you can stave off cabin fever this year.


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