Champion Mom: Backyard Summer Camp Ideas for Your Family

By: bchauveau Tuesday July 9, 2019 comments

Summer is here and you might be thinking back to some of your fond memories of summer camps in your youth. Unfortunately, many of those summer camps that we loved so much are no longer around, and a lot of the ones that remain are a bit too expensive to send your kids off to.

So how do you give your kids some of the same joy that you had as a child enjoying summer camp? The answer is simple — create your own summer camp experience in your backyard!

Do backyard experiments
One of the things that every summer camp tried to do is to provide a learning experience. Some of the best science experiments you can do in the backyard include launching an Alka Seltzer fueled rocket or creating a geyser with Mentos and Diet Coke.

Get crafty
Of course, the other big part of a summer camp experience is the arts and crafts. You can take part in these activities with your kids by doing the old school projects like macaroni necklaces or maybe making a clay ashtray that no one will use, but everyone will love. Liven things up by filling water balloons with paint and then throwing them at a canvas to let your children create their own version of Jackson Pollack paintings. Another fun backyard summer project is building your own kites and decorating them with your child.

Get outside with nature
If you live in an area where you can get out and hike through nature, enjoy all that it offers. Leave the iPods at home and walk around, listen to nature, and look for wildlife and beautiful plants. You can also combine crafts with nature and use an empty soda bottle to make a homemade bird feeder. Then you can sit in the backyard and watch the birdies come closer.

These are just three areas that you can recreate in your own backyard. By taking the time to come up with activities, including arts/crafts, nature, and learning, you can enjoy your own summer camp at home.

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