Champion Clean: Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist for 2019

By: bchauveau Monday November 25, 2019 comments

Everywhere you go, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This year, chances are you will have a slew of family and friends coming to visit you.

Whether you like it or not, your home will be on display and that means you want to put your best foot forward in appearance. (If for no other reason than so you don’t have to endure catty comments from your snooty aunt that you only see once a year.) Obviously, the biggest area that people are going to notice about your home is the flooring.

To make sure that you are ready, here’s a cleaning checklist to keep your floors in tip-top shape:


  1. Start with a deep-cleaning — First, you will want to start with a clean slate by doing a deep cleaning of the floors. Obviously, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. But also consider either renting a steam cleaner or hiring a professional company to come in and do a deep cleaning. This will get all the accumulated dirt and grit out of your carpet. But it will also help it smell nicer for your guests.


  1. Get festive — One thing you might want to invest in is festive mats and runners for your carpet. This serves a three-fold purpose. First, it will help protect your high traffic areas, like the entryway. But it will also act as a protective barrier if someone spills a glass of wine or drops the turkey and gravy. These runners can often be cleaned easier, or simply tossed out if they get too dirty. Finally, if you choose holiday-themed mats and runners, you will just add a festive look to your home.


  1. Be prepared — Let’s face it: spills are going to happen. The best thing you can do is be prepared when they do. Stock up on extra paper towels and cleaning sponges. Also have carpet cleaning spray (either commercial or home-made) so you can spritz the stains before they set in.


  1. Do a post-holiday clean up — Finally, you want your floors to look nice when the New Year rolls around. This means a good thorough clean up after the holidays are over. Once again, vacuum (or sweep and mop) thoroughly and consider getting a deep cleaning from a professional company.

This holiday season, get ready for all of the invading family and friends by being proactive about taking care of your carpets. By doing this, you can have a less stressful holiday and not have to worry about people criticizing your home’s cleanliness.

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