Champion Clean: Putting Together an Annual Household Cleaning Schedule

By: bchauveau Tuesday July 30, 2019 comments

I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys cleaning. It’s a hassle that most people would like to cut down on in this busy and fast-paced world of ours.
But what if I told you there are some cleaning tasks that you’re performing more often than you should?
Some of these tasks can actually be put on an “annual household cleaning schedule” and should only be carried out once or twice a year.
Let’s take a look at the household cleaning tasks you can re-schedule:

1. Oven Cleaning
Some people are obsessive about their ovens and will do a deep cleaning of the appliance every month. In fact, twice a year is just fine to keep your oven clean and functioning properly. In between these deep cleanings, just be sure to do minor spot cleanings with disinfecting wipes. When you do get around to the deep cleaning, use a solution to loosen grime and don’t scrape the surfaces as this can damage your oven.

2. Windows
Another area that can be overdone is your windows. Constantly cleaning windows can cause streaks and build-up on the glass. Instead, just spot-clean as needed and do a deep clean once or twice a year.

3. Carpets/Rugs
Carpets really need to be vacuumed at least once a weak. But as far as a deep, steam cleaning goes, you should hold off on this for a once or twice a year cleaning. You can also save the cleaning for special occasions, like right before a holiday dinner party (or right after if you end up with spills).

4. Bedspreads/Comforters/Duvets
While your sheets need to be washed at least once a month, you can plan to wash the bedspreads about four times a year. Consider taking comforters and duvets to the cleaners to get professional care, as a home washing machine can be too rough on your delicate quilts and comforters.

Schedule Your Tasks in Your Calendar
These are just four items that you can add to your annual home-cleaning checklist. Once you get it set up, you can be sure to save yourself some aggravation and over-cleaning later.

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