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After your home, your car is probably your second largest investment. And just like you want to keep your house clean and in good shape, the same goes for your car.

The winter is a rough time on your home when it comes to cleaning, so it makes sense for your car to also need regular cleaning and maintenance during the roughest weather of the year.

Here are some of the top tips on how to keep your car clean this winter:

  1. Regular Washing — The first order of defense against rust and corrosion is regular washing for your car. During the winter, you can get accumulations of the road salt spread out during snowstorms. This salt can greatly corrode your paint and body. So, wash salt off regularly with car washes. It doesn’t have to be a full wash, either. Just rinse it off with your garden hose to get rid of the accumulation. Also, be sure to dry your car thoroughly once you wash it. If you don’t, then you run the risk of ice forming on the doors and windows.

  2. Car Wax — When you are washing your car, there is a way to add another layer of protection to your paint job: car wax. The wax serves as a buffer between the paint and the road debris such as salt. It can help protect you from corrosion this winter.

  3. Floor Mats — Even with cleaning the outside of your car, you still will run the risk of bringing in debris on the soles of your shoes. We suggest investing in a good set of rubber floor mats for the winter. You may like the cloth ones which come with your vehicle, but the rubber will hold up better against salt and other trash. Just make sure to shake these out and clean them regularly to protect your car’s floorboards.

During the winter, your car is vulnerable to more damage from the elements. That’s why it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. Call Champion to get your car's interior cleaned and take that off your to-do list. Call us today:

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