Carpet Care: Increasing the Lifespan of Your Carpet

By: christineh Tuesday March 5, 2019 comments

Whether for your business or your personal life, you want your purchases to last as long as possible. Sure, some people buy a new car every year. But that’s for the people who have money to burn. The rest of us will maintain and care for our vehicles so that they will give us years of function.

The same should be true of our flooring and carpeting.

Buying new carpet for your home or office is a major investment. So just like you would take your car in for regular care and maintenance, you should do the same thing with your carpets. Here’s how:

  1. Vacuum regularly—The first thing to do is make sure that your carpet stays clean and has an extended lifespan is to vacuum regularly. It may seem like daily vacuuming is a bit much, but it does make sense for high traffic areas such as the main entryway to the house. Other areas still need to be vacuumed weekly.
  2. Deep cleaning—At least twice a year, you should either rent a steamer or hire a professional company to do a deep cleaning to get rid of the deep dirt that gets tracked in.
  3. Dust—Good carpet care actually starts above the floor with regular dusting. If you don’t allow dust to accumulate, then it is less likely to get into the carpeting. This will also keep it from wearing out quickly.
  4. Area rugs—One final way to keep your carpet from wearing out so quickly is with an area rug or runners. High traffic areas such as the entryway and living rooms get a lot of wear and tear. To combat this, put down area rugs and runners that can take the heavier wear and be replaced easier than your whole carpet.

If you take care of your carpet, it will take care of you. By doing some regular maintenance, you can be sure to extend the life of your investment.

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