Best Practices for Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

By: christineh Monday October 8, 2018 comments

The kitchen is definitely one of those areas in your home that gets the dirtiest; it is also one of those areas that must be kept clean. Any kind of bacterial build-up can get into the food that you prepare in this area, possibly leading to food-borne illnesses spreading amongst your family.

To prevent this, it is usually a good idea to make sure that you do a regular deep cleaning of your kitchen to make sure that it stays pristine. Here are some of the best practices when it comes to deep cleaning the kitchen:


Kitchen: Put Things Away

That means picking up all the clutter that is on the counters. Then, wash all of the dishes and put them away immediately so that you don't wind up with even more clutter taking over and getting in the way.


Take A Top-Down Approach

It doesn’t make sense to clean the floors and then the ceiling and walls which will knock dirt and dust down onto the freshly cleaned surfaces. Instead, start with a long feather duster and clean the ceiling to remove any dust or cobwebs. Then, take Clorox wipes and clean all of the surfaces of the walls including doors, handles, and cabinet fixtures.


Clean The Drapes and Blinds

If you have blinds, clean these as well and be sure to also use Windex to get the windows nice and clean.


Next, Clean The Oven & Refrigerator Coils

Apply oven cleaner and let it sit for a while; you may want to ventilate the kitchen by opening the windows at this point. While you are letting this take effect, unplug your refrigerator and vacuum the coils at the back of the fridge. This will get rid of the dust that can build up and cause the unit to overheat.


What’s Inside The Refrigerator?

Once you plug the refrigerator back in, go through it and throw out any expired food. Additionally, use your Clorox wipes to clean off the shelves and get rid of anything that might have built up over time. By now, the oven should be ready to clean. Be sure to follow the directions for your oven when cleaning it.


Counter Tops and Baseboards

Now, you can begin doing a deep cleaning of the countertops and baseboards. I am a big fan of Magic Erasers for this — these seem to remove just about any stain or spot that regular wipes won’t handle.


Even The Dishwasher Needs Attention

Clean out the dishwasher by running it through one time while empty. Be sure to clean out the food trap before doing this.


Lastly, Hit The Floors

Finally, sweep and mop the floors. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies and really focus on any spots or stains that may have formed. 

Hopefully, once you have done all of this, you will have a kitchen that is spic-and-span. Regular daily and weekly maintenance will ensure that you don’t have to do quite so much during those big cleaning days.

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