Benefits to Carpet Cleaning in Summer

By: christineh Thursday July 13, 2017 comments

Summer is the time of year to get out and enjoy the warmer weather, shake off the dreary winter and unpredictable spring. Summer is also a good time to get all the dirt, pollen and other nastiness that has been tracked into your home cleaned out of the carpets. Getting your carpets cleaned this time of year is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also a health benefit.

Depending on where you live, heat, humidity, pests, dust and pollen can make a big impact in the air quality on your home – and cleaning your carpets can help minimize any adverse health effects. Clean carpets are central to making a home feel welcoming and comfortable. Vacuuming, even as frequently as once a week, isn’t enough to keep carpets truly clean through the wearing activities of a summer day.

Carpet attracts dirt, mold, and even dust mites that come in from the windows, fall from shoes, or enter the home in any amount of ways. Carpet is a filter that keeps those particles snug within its fibers. Vacuuming can even bring the dirt, pollen, and other allergens close to the carpet surface without removing them, causing allergy flare ups and irritations.

The same particles that cause allergies in your family can also cause depreciation to your carpet fibers. Dirt, stains and microscopic materials can get wedged in your carpeting and wear the fibers down, especially in high traffic areas where particles are being stamped in more frequently. Eventually those particles will cause visible wear, and in time the carpeting will need to be replaced.

Carpet is also good breeding site for mold and other fungal elements. The warmth of the material is very conducive for their growth. When molds form, skin allergies can form, especially in children with sensitive skin. The irritation can be severe and lead to skin infections. Toxic air born allergens adhere to pollutants found in carpeting. When someone walks across the carpet, it releases the pollutants into the air on a regular basis. With carpet cleaning, you discourage the formation of molds in the carpet fibers.

Along with heat, insects are a common sight in the summer. The dirt and dust that have accumulated in the carpet fibers over the previous months are attractive to the summer insects, including beetles and ants. Cleaning your carpets in the summer will remove these attractions and any insects that have already made it into your home. When you put off getting your carpets cleaned, these insects will start eating up the fibers in the material of your carpet and ruin your investment. They can also create a foul smell in the house that is very disgusting and can be difficult to get rid of.

Another benefit of carpet cleaning is the maintenance of its form. The ragged edges of dirt and sand particles contribute to the wear-and-tear of the carpet fibers. Through constant use and accumulation of dirt, you will notice a distortion in its form. However, when you clean it regularly, you freshen up the fibers and make it look new again.

Not only will professional carpet cleaning make your home look cleaner, extend the life of your carpeting and head off potential health risks, a clean carpet can also help reduce indoor odors caused by molds and other pollutants that have built up over the winter and spring. Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather but also a great time to bring in the professionals and get those carpets clean and fresh again.

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