Back to School Season: Is Your Daycare Ready?

By: christineh Thursday August 10, 2017 comments

The summer has come and gone and you are ready to get the kiddos back in school! Unfortunately, a lot goes into ensuring that not only are your kids ready to get back into the school year groove but so is your day care! Here is our guide to making sure that your daycare plans are ready to go!

  1. Call your daycare

It’s important to make sure that your kids are still enrolled in their previous daycare and haven’t accidentally been taken off a list! It’s also important because the daycare administrators can let you know what forms you might be missing or if there is any necessary daycare gear that you might need to haul the mini van over to Target for.

  1. Call your pediatrician

Most daycares require that each child has a current doctor’s visit as well as an updated immunization record. You don’t want to walk into the first day of daycare only to be told that your child can’t enter the building because they don’t have any proof of your kid’s health record.

  1. Make sure you have a drop off and pick up plan

Nothing will make the other mom’s more judgmental than being the parent who forgot to coordinate who was supposed to pick up the kids that day. Make sure you coordinate with your partner to make sure that someone picks up the kids after daycare!

  1. Go back to school shopping

Remember all of those pencils that you bought last year? Those are somehow all gone now and it’s time to get your kid ready for the start of school. Print out a list and take the kids shopping. Make sure you follow the list that the school provides you so you aren’t buying those unnecessary binders that they never touched from last year.

  1. Inspect Your Daycare Facility

More than perhaps any other commercial facility, daycares (both family owned and local businesses) need to stay on top of their maintenance. Regular cleaning of the facility is essential to minimize the spread of bacteria and germs among the children. Ask your daycare center about their cleaning tasks and schedules. How often do they sterilize the toys, furniture and other equipment? What is the procedure for ensuring the bathrooms are cleaned regularly? How often do they get the carpets, the ones your kiddos play and sleep on, professionally cleaned?

This time of the year can be stressful, making sure that everything is ready for your kids to head back to school, but it’s important to take some time for yourself! So go to the gym, take a walk, or read that book that you’ve always wanted to read. You are a #ChampionMom, nothing can stop you!

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