Tired of Your Employees Calling in Sick?

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tired of your employees calling in sick

Tired of Your Employees Calling in Sick?

The winter months can be tough. It seems like viruses and bacteria are just running rampant! This can be especially frustrating for businesses attempting to maintain productivity numbers. Sick employees trigger timing setbacks and overload on healthy employees.

While it's impossible to eliminate this problem, there are some things that a business can do to improve the quality of the air at the office. This will help reduce the spread of germs significantly. Some companies might actually be breeding grounds for these invisible problems and not even realize it!

Air Ducts

If there seem to have been a series of colds and viruses going through your employees, it may be that the air quality is poor. The air ducts, if not regularly cleaned, contain a build up of large deposits of both mold and dust. Recent evidence suggests that our indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air! Since we spend nearly 90% of our time inside, that is a lot of breathing in contaminated air. It's a good idea to have the air ducts cleaned out once a year anyway, but if illness has been prevalent - don't wait to book your next appointment!

Carpet Cleaning

The EPA also released a study stating that a carpet retains a variety of indoor air pollutants. Some of these include pet dander, leader, particles, dirt and dust. The gases in the air combine with these tiny particles causing them to become attached to the carpet. Carpets are also a haven for dust mite infestations and mold growth. Regular vacuuming is not enough to eliminate these pollutants. Professional carpet cleaning companies have the steam cleaning technology to stop these illness breeders in their tracks.

Be Prepared

Especially during cold and flu season, invest a bit extra in carrying supplies that will help eliminate the germ population. Distribute hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes and tissues throughout the building. Promote and encourage frequent hand washing. Be certain that whoever is handing your office cleaning understand your desire to be extra vigilant about germs.

These proactive items won't keep all the illnesses at bay but it will drastically improve the breathing quality of your office and reduce the germ population. Ready to get your employees back on track? Go ahead and give Champion a call and schedule a winter carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning appointment.

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