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We love our pets, however they have been known to cause some unwanted messes on our floors. Tile, linoleum, and hardwood flooring are fairly easy to clean up but carpet can be a bit tricky. Our beloved furry friends tend to track in mud, shed, urinate, and even defecate on our floors. Not all messes are created equal and each of these messes requires a different approach to properly clean up. We have had a lot of experience tackling these stains and messes. Here are our tips and tricks to cleaning up these pesky problems and help you continue to enjoy your #ChampionPets through the process!


No matter how well behaved your pet may be, this is often an unavoidable aspect of pet ownership. The best way to combat hair and other allergen buildup in your carpets is to regularly vacuum. Depending on the number of fury friends you have in your home or the amount of shedding they do, you may need to vacuum more often. As a general rule of thumb, vacuuming at least once a week is recommended for a healthy living environment. If your pet tends to be a bit more generous with the hair, consider vacuuming twice a week.

Urine and Feces

These kinds of messes can be some of the hardest to clean up. If you do not handle them properly in the beginning they could be much harder to clean up later. However, there are still some methods that you can use to hopefully remove older stains. Here are a few recommendations we have for both new and old stains.


New stains that are still wet are the easiest to clean up. First begin by wiping up any material on the surface of the carpet. Then soak up as much of the wet spot as possible with paper towels or a rag. Once you are not able to remove any more liquid, rinse the area with clean cool water and continue to soak up with clean towel until area is cleaned up. Do not use warm water or an at home carpet steamer, heat will help the stain set into the carpet and allow it to move down into the pad. After your floors are completely dry, sprinkle baking soda over your carpet and allow to sit for 3-4 hours or overnight before vacuuming up. This will help remove any of the remaining odors in the carpet.

Old (Set in)

Old stains can be a lot harder to completely get rid of. There are many pet stain and odor remover strays that are available in most grocery stores. Some of these cleaners include products that help break down the protein and enzymes in the urine, helping release it from the carpet fibers. Allow the cleaner to soak into the carpet for the recommended time and then scrub gently in a circular motion and blot dry. It is also recommended to avoid cleaners with a strong odor of vinegar or ammonia as they can encourage your fury friend to eliminate in the same area again.

If after trying these different techniques you find that the stains or odors are still present, it may be time to consider a professional cleaning. We at Champion Carpet and Upholstery would be happy to help you restore your carpet’s beauty once again. Call us today for a free quote!

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