#ChampionMom - Winter is Tough - Here's How Your Family Can Give Back

By: christineh Tuesday January 22, 2019 comments

Winter weather can be very brutal, especially here in Colorado. But if you are homeless or economically disadvantaged, it’s even more dangerous and difficult.

This winter, you and your family can give back to the local community by helping a variety of charities. By doing this, you will bring some warmth and love to others in the community.

  • Sock It To Em Sock Campaign —You and your family can become sock ambassadors! Do this by collecting and gathering socks to be distributed to the homeless and agencies that care for children and veterans, who are often over-represented in the homeless population. If you don’t want to assist with collecting them through donation points, you can simply purchase and donate socks on your own. Any donations will go a long way toward helping those who could go cold this winter.
  • Denver Rescue Mission —The Denver Rescue Mission has worked for years to take care of the physical and spiritual needs of the local homeless population. You and your family could consider volunteering at the mission, which regularly serves meals to those who otherwise might go hungry.
  • Project Angel Heart —This group is dedicated to feeding the hungry and there are multiple ways you can help, including volunteering as a family. At Project Angel Heart, you can volunteer to prepare or deliver meals, decorating meal bags, or even helping in the community garden.
  • Joshua Station: Sharing Place —This charity is part of the Mile High Ministries and provides the homeless with supportive housing and a safe environment. Here, the homeless can stay on the premises until they can secure a place to stay on their own. Once they graduate and move on, their rooms need to be spruced up and that's where volunteers can help by cleaning the room and replacing some of the items in it.
  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless —This group assists the homeless through housing assistance, healthcare, and pharmacy services. Your family can assist them with cash donations or by doing a fundraising activity to raise money for the group.

One of the greatest lessons you can hope to impart on your children is the joy of engaging in a selfless act for others. This winter, encourage your family to join you in helping the less fortunate whose struggles are magnified during the coldest part of the year.

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