#ChampionMom - Why Working on Habits Will Help You in 2018

By: christineh Wednesday February 7, 2018 comments

It’s a New Year and I know many of you have set goals for yourself to make this year about creating a new you. A new year is a perfect time to recommit to taking care of yourself and creating healthy habits. Establishing habits can lead you to the successful life you want. Here are some great habits to start this year:

Take In as Much as You Give Out

Some of us are by nature very giving people. We give ourselves so much that we eventually burn out. So when you feel like your output is getting to be too much, it’s time to shift gears. Make it a habit to ‘take in’ as much as you ‘give out’.

What do we mean by this? Find ways to fuel your mind, and feed your soul. Consume things that make you feel good. Try reading! Find a book that is fulfilling and will help you grow to be the successful person you want to be.

Or, you could give meditation a try. Even if it is just five minutes a day, taking the time meditate will allow your thoughts to gestate and go a long way towards replenishing you.

Make an Affirmation

Many people fail to succeed because they become their own worst critics. They surround themselves with negative people and negative thoughts. In 2018, surround yourself with affirmations of positive things in life. Make it a practice when you are alone, when you get up in the morning, or before you go to bed at night. Give yourself a mental pep talk and affirm that you are going to be successful in reaching your goals.

Get Negative

This may sound like it completely contradicts what I just said, but the concept of negative visualization can really be affirming. So get into the habit of doing this. When you are at work, furiously typing away on your laptop, imagine what would happen to you if it suddenly quit working. Then think about how you would respond. This isn’t meant to increase your anxiety level. It will help you be more appreciative of what you have so that you don’t take it for granted.

It is possible to make 2018 your best year ever. Set yourself a goal to establish healthy habits and daily practices that will help you live the life of your dreams.

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