#ChampionMom - The Best Autumn Trends for Your House

By: christineh Monday October 1, 2018 comments

Fall is right around the corner and if you are looking to keep your home looking trendy and in step with the season, then it’s time to start looking at redecorating.  Every season has a special style and themes, but fall is especially great with all of the different fall color options. These tips don’t necessarily call for a complete overhaul of your home, of course, but they can provide some ideas to freshen things up now that the days and nights are getting cooler and crisper.

Go Neutral…

Instead of investing in different fall colors, it might be a good idea to simply stay neutral.  Neutral colors such as off-white, cream, and light browns can be used to great effect, especially with things such as accent pillows to accompany your existing furniture.

…Or Get Pink

If you prefer a little more color in your environment, designers are suggesting that pink may be the big color choice this year. Now, we don’t mean for you to do your whole living room in Pepto-Bismal pink. Instead, use a variety of pink hues from deep pink to a light white with just a hint of pink hue. The variations are almost endless and can really add a dash of color to your fall décor.

Big Floral Arrangements

Overdone flower prints and large floral artwork are a big trend right now. You can also add to this with oversized centerpieces that showcase your green thumb with arrangements of mums, pansies, or even Chinese bellflowers (also called balloon flowers). These are bright and vibrant and will look gorgeous in your home or in the garden.

Get Quirky

Who doesn’t love the idea of heading out this fall and spending some time at flea markets or quaint antique shops?  One design tip is to not worry about specific themes when decorating. Create your own style by collecting whatever catches your eye and makes you feel happy and at home. That personal style can really come out by collecting eclectic items from what people might think of as junk shops.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a gorgeous looking house this fall.  By following a few basic style tips, you can reinvigorate your décor and make your home stay beautiful and inviting.

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