#ChampionMom - The 10 Dirtiest Spots in Your Home

By: christineh Wednesday February 28, 2018 comments

This time of year, especially with flu rampant across the country, everyone is breaking out an extra can of Lysol and trying to make sure their house is as germ-free and as clean as possible. But where, exactly, do these germs and microbes dwell? The truth may actually surprise you. Here’s a run-down of the ten dirtiest spots in your home.

Sponges—One of the biggest germ magnets is what we use to clean everyday. The kitchen sponge is used to clean up germs, but we often don’t clean these off enough when we are done, and the germs just gather and then are spread around when you use the sponge later.

Toilet—This one shouldn’t be a big surprise. The toilet is a literal germ factory and needs to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Besides the bowl and seat, though, you also need to thoroughly clean the floor around the toilet and the toilet handle itself.

Toothbrush holder—If you have a cup or something similar to hold your toothbrushes, then you should make sure you clean it well. These often can get quite dirty and can accumulate lots of germs.

The bathtub—This one can get dirty and grimy pretty quickly. To keep it clean, pay close attention to the drain/plug hole as well as the grout that can trap dirt and bacteria pretty easily.

The kitchen sink—Yes, you wash your dishes there. But you also often prepare food in it and this can cause some unhealthy combinations.

Cutting boards—Raw food is chopped up regularly on cutting boards, and if you don’t clean them properly, you will wind up spreading food-borne bacteria including salmonella. Be especially careful of cutting boards made from porous materials.

Kitchen counters—This is another prime spot for food-borne bacteria. Be sure to clean these regularly with a cleaner like Clorox to get rid of bacteria.

Makeup counter—This one may surprise you, but if you use makeup, you should be wary of the applicators. These don’t get cleaned so they tend to build up germs and bacteria that can spread. That’s why replacing them regularly is a good idea.

Baby toys—Another one that we don’t think about a lot are baby toys. Most kids take their toys and put them right in their mouths, so they need to be cleaned as often as possible.

Pet dishes—Rounding out the list is cat or dog food dishes. Many times, we will just pour food into the bowl and keep on going about our day. But you wouldn’t ask your family to eat off of a dirty plate, would you? Be sure to keep these cleaned regularly.

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing process, but by hitting the big culprits we often ignore, you can keep your home as clean and germ-free as possible.

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