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By: christineh Wednesday February 14, 2018 comments

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been considered a holiday for people in relationships, but in reality, ANYONE can celebrate this holiday of love!

This year, spend Valentine’s Day celebrating yourself and show yourself some love. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or a busy mom that puts everyone else first--make this day all about loving YOU.

Make a choice to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day by taking time for yourself.

Take a break

Take the day off! This is a great chance to take a personal day and hit pause on work and responsibilities for a short time. Go out, indulge yourself and treat yourself to something nice like a spa day. Do something you enjoy that will relax you and make you feel special.

Devote your time to something special

If you’ve got a hobby that you haven’t had time to enjoy because of work or responsibilities, put the phone on silent and dive in! This could mean reading a book you’ve been putting off for weeks or binge watching that Netflix series you’ve had in your queue for months.

Hit the gym

The heart is one of the biggest symbols of Valentine’s Day. Do something good for yourself and your heart by hitting the gym. Work up a sweat and release endorphins to make you feel good!

Go out by yourself

Too many people feel awkward having dinner or going to the movies alone, but it can be a huge treat! Give yourself a date night all by yourself at a favorite restaurant and follow it up with a cheesy movie.

Draw yourself a bath

It may be a bit of a cliché, but this is also the perfect evening to stay at home, draw yourself a bubble bath and soak for a while. Make it even more special by adding soft candles and putting a favorite playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, it is important you choose to do something for yourself. Ask yourself what makes you the happiest and do just that!

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