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By: christineh Wednesday June 27, 2018 comments

School’s out, summer’s here, and it’s time to discover what type of summer parenting style you have!  If you aren't familiar with summer parenting styles, here's a brief primer on how to develop your particular philosophy.

No Work and All Play

One view of summer parenting is the idea that summer is a time for the kids to relax.  You know that your kids have put in a hard year at school, done lots of work, and they’ve earned this time to relax. Maybe you’ll sign your kids up for a summer program, but it’s not going to be anything taxing.  Instead, you see the summer as their time to sit by the pool, play some sports, and recharge their batteries before school starts again in the fall.

Get to Work

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the parents who feel that summer isn’t a time for the kids to take a mental break.  Perhaps there may be a family trip, but these parents are more likely to choose something educational like a trip to a historical site or museum.  “Get To Work” parents expect their kids to keep up their mental skills and prevent summer brain drain.


The Summer parenting philosophies above may seem extreme, so a lot of parents fall somewhere in-between on the range.  These parents don’t expect their children to work every second of the vacation, but they will give them a friendly nudge or incentive to do something of educational value, like reading.  In-Between parents may encourage something like thirty minutes of reading time each day before beginning the daily fun of swimming, biking, or gaming.  They may also try to mix fun trips like heading out to the beach or an amusement park with something educational like a play or art exhibit.

There’s nothing wrong with having one particular style over another.  The bottom line is that you need to find the parenting style that fits best for you and your family and then follow through with that.

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