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One of the biggest trends in the last decade for families that are on a tight budget is the “staycation.” This is the idea that instead of a major summer trip with the whole family, they instead decide to stay in town and do several smaller day-trips and activities in the local area. This is a great way to still spend quality time with your family, while at the same time saving money and keeping things affordable. These local vacations don’t have to wait until summer though; Spring Break is also a great time to plan a staycation with these local ideas:

The Zoo

Even if your town doesn’t have a zoo, chances are you may be within driving distance of a major city that features such an attraction. Go ahead and take that day trip and be sure to pack your camera. You may also want to ask the ticket office if they offer a season pass for families. Many zoos do this and the cost of such a pass is usually paid for in two trips.

The Library

Yes, your local library is a great place to get books for the whole family. But during vacations, many libraries plan special activities for kids including arts and craft classes, Lego activities, or special movies. Go to your local library website and see what they have scheduled.

The Great Outdoors

Depending on where you live, the outdoors may also be an option. Since the weather will hopefully be warming up soon, now is a great time to go for a hike in the woods, take a kayak down the canal, or, if you are stuck in an urban setting, just grab a picnic and head down to the local park for a great day of playing in the fresh air. You may also want to check out if your local area has a stable that does horseback riding for families.

Get Crafty

Do some research and see if any of the local crafts stores offer classes during the vacation. Painting and pottery classes have become popular for adults in the evenings, but many of these groups also offer family courses during the day. Even major chains such as Michaels, Home Depot, and Lowes offer craft projects for younger kids to try out.

Game Time

If the weather isn’t cooperating and you are experiencing a lot of spring showers, move things indoors with game time. Lock up the PlayStation and Xbox and instead try some old-fashioned board and card games like Monopoly, Risk, or Uno. Any of these can get your family bonding and enjoying themselves in no time.

Vacations don’t have to be expensive, out-of-town trips that put you into credit card debt. By staying in your local area and doing day trips, your family can still have a great time bonding this Spring Break.

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