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Any parent will tell you the memories that last the longest and mean the most are the real ones—the ones that are authentic and special.  When you are trying to come up with something for a dad on Father’s Day, no matter how old you are, the best gifts aren’t the store bought and expensive ones.  The simplest, homemade gifts and activities are still the best.  So here are a few ideas for what to do for dad to make his Father’s Day the best:


When it comes to Father's Day, a lot of dads would rather do something special than receive presents.  So, think about any of these as a way to get active this Father’s Day:

  • Breakfast in bed is always a winner and can be accomplished by even the youngest of kids, with a little supervision.
  • A game of catch or one-on-one basketball in the yard is also a popular option.
  • Help dad out by mowing the lawn and taking care of some of his yard chores.
  • Plan a movie night to watch his favorite action film and do homemade buttered popcorn on the stove instead of using the microwave brands.

Simple Gifts

If you do opt for a gift for dad, then don’t go with the boring old tie.  Try these instead:

  • Homemade cards are an old favorite when it comes to simple gifts. Include an original piece of artwork to make it look nice and be memorable.
  • Instead of buying dad a new wallet, why not make him one? Duct-tape wallets are a cool and simple art project that he can use on a daily basis.
  • Although it might cost a little bit, one relatively inexpensive project that dads will love is a homemade stepping-stone. Most arts and crafts stores sell these kits, providing a reminder of how small the kids once were.

Treat dad to something that will put a smile on his face and a warm spot in his heart this Father’s Day.  Topple tradition by ignoring the usual, tired gifts and create something truly memorable instead.

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