#ChampionMom - Should You Set New Year's Resolutions as a Family?

By: christineh Monday December 31, 2018 comments

The New Year is approaching and many of us are already dreading the worst part of starting 2019 — namely, the New Year’s resolutions. Many people have found success in setting resolutions with friends or family members. They find that the camaraderie helps keep them motivated and that sometimes they can even turn it into a healthy competition. 

But should you set New Year’s resolutions as a family, especially with little kids? Let’s take a look at the benefits of doing just that:

  • Group support—One of the most effective ways to have successful resolutions is to have a support system in place to help when you feel like giving up. If you’re thinking about having that decadent dessert when you’re at a restaurant, trust me when I say that your kids will be glad to remind you that it’s not on your diet. But beyond that type of goading, just knowing that you are in this together can be a great motivator. 
  • Finding the right type of goals—Let’s get this one out of the way: do not have your children set goals to lose weight! Although this is the number one resolution for adults, it can promote a negative body image and the stereotype that you have to deny yourself in order to look good to others.

Instead, choose a much more positive goal such as eating healthier or going for a walk as a family twice a week. These can lead to the same goal without attaching a stigma to it.

  • Promote growth—One of the things that we want to impart to our children is to not feel complacent. There is always room for growth and improvement in some part of our lives. So help your children set realistic growth for their personal development and tie it into your own resolutions to grow as an adult.

For instance, suggest that you and your child set a goal of reading together every night before bedtime. Even the older kids need this exposure to help them develop mentally and spiritually; this is just one way to promote family bonding.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to have a negative stigma. By working together with your family and sharing the responsibility of supporting each other, you can ensure that this year will get off to a great start!

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