#ChampionMom - Safe, Spooky and PG-Rated Fun for Your Kids This Halloween

By: christineh Tuesday October 31, 2017 comments

Halloween is the perfect time to dust off your book of spells, put on your witches hat, and create a spooktacularly good time for your kids and their buddies. After all, All Hallows Eve doesn’t have to be all about collecting candy. Here are eight surefire ways to get into the holiday spirit. The beauty of each of these activities is that they can be customized according to age group so that they are fun and safe for all.


  • Build a Happy Haunted House: What could be more fun than converting your garage into a creepy but scare-free haunted house. A blindfold and bowls of cold pasta for brains, peeled grapes for eyeballs, and icky decorations will give everyone a good shriek. Decorations and a playlist of spooky music will complete the job. The older members of the family can be recruited to play characters, or you can turn over the job of creating the scary room to them.


  • Play Some Ghoulish Games: There are many Halloween themed games that will keep kids entertained and laughing. Turn old-fashioned telephone tag into “pass along a ghost story,” hold a scavenger hunt, or search for plastic pumpkins and you’ll have hours of entertainment.


  • Create some Creepy Crafts: Halloween is the perfect time to pull out the construction paper, glue, and get crafting. Pumpkin painting is always a popular favorite, but you can stretch your imagination by taking everyday items such as paper plates and cups and let your little ones create spiders, ghosts, and mummies.


  • Make Incredible Edibles: A surefire way to make any age group happy is to bring out icing, sprinkles, cookies, and cupcakes; since it’s Halloween make it orange and black and you are all set to go. Once they get finished making a mess, they can eat their artwork.


  • Hold a Monster Mash Dance Party: Who can sit still when those classic Halloween tunes come on? Create a special playlist with favorites like the Who’s “Boris the Spider,” Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London,” and The Adam’s Family theme. If you’re not up on your mummy-rific music, Google “Halloween Playlist” and you’ll find plenty of resources.


  • Conduct Spooky Science Activities: Your little goblins can learn something and not even realize it when you create slime, play with static electricity, or mix up some glow in the dark playdoh. You might need a little help with the directions but a quick search on “Halloween Science Activities” will help you find dozens of ideas appropriate for all ages.


  • Have a Freaky Film Fest: With no shortage of Halloween-themed movies available for every age range, popping in a DVD will go a long way to helping everyone get in a spooky mood.


No matter what age range you are trying to entertain, you can find plenty of safe, G-rated Halloween activities to tickle everyone's fancy. Combine one or two of the activities, and you’ll find yourself having a full-fledged Halloween party.

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