#ChampionMom - Quick & Silly Breakfasts With Your Kids

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Like a lot of moms, chances are you have a hard time getting your kids up and interested in breakfast every day.  Let’s face it, most adults don’t like eating breakfast—we grudgingly get up every morning and the only sustenance we want is our morning caffeine.  Kids really need a nutritious meal in the morning, especially if you want them to be able to concentrate and do well in school. Here are a few ideas to help spice up the morning routine:



Smoothies are a no-brainer when it comes to quick and easy breakfast ideas, especially if you make them the night before and refrigerate them.  You can liven these up with silly names like “Chunky Monkey” (chocolate and bananas) or let your child drink their smoothie through a silly straw.  Some food colorings can also give smoothies a near-neon tint that will make them look weird and attractive to little kids.


Waffle Sandwiches

Kids love sandwiches, which are quick, portable, and easy to eat.  So why not liven up an old standard for breakfast?  Cook two (or more for a double or triple decker) waffles and you can either make a traditional PB&J on waffles or something more savory like a sausage and egg sandwich.


Cool Eggs

Boiled eggs are another quick and easy solution to making your breakfast a little silly.  Put eyes on the eggs or decorate them to look like goofy emojis or similar characters.



Wait, toast?  How can toast be livened up?  Well, most kids don’t like the crust on their bread.  So roll with that preference and use cookie cutters to cut them into strange shapes.  Many cartoons and movies market to moms with licensed cookie-cutters; so you can, for example, have an Olaf-shaped toast for a “Frozen” themed breakfast. Specialty toasters are now available that will even put an image on the toast, like Disney characters and Star Wars icons.


There’s a reason that many nutritionists call breakfast the most important meal of the day.  If your kids make it a point to eat breakfast, they will have the energy to fuel their active lifestyles and pay more attention during school hours.  By using these quick and silly breakfast ideas, you can be sure that your child starts the day with a healthy boost.

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