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Being a #ChampionMom doesn’t have to end in your own home. If one of your goals this year is to get more involved in your community, we have some great suggestions for you to consider. You have an abundance of strengths and skills that can be applied outside within your community to better the environment and community where you and your family live. Here are just a few ideas to get you going!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh

  1. Litter

Litter removal is a simple way to get started. I know, it’s not the most glamorous, but it is huge in keeping your community environment healthy and beautiful. Pick Up America has created a traveling movement all throughout our country and even partners with local citizens and organizations. Consider starting a litter pick up team that can meet up once every month to beautify the city you live in. You can even get your kids involved; let them pick up for a change!

  1. Increase Activity

A very popular resolution is to get healthy. Most people start off strong but run out of steam quickly. Start a walking group involving those in your immediate circle of friends. Encourage them to invite their own friends and before you know it, you will have started a movement. Scheduling this on a consistent basis will help maintain momentum and become an activity that others can count on. You will build relationships while getting healthier.

Check out this list of walking trails all throughout Colorado and the Denver area.

  1. Recommendations

As you are talking with friends, you often talk about different services you use or business you frequent. For example, let’s say Suzy is looking for a carpet cleaner but doesn’t know where to start looking. You have probably had your carpets cleaned before, so you then recommend a company you've had a positive experience with. Referrals and word of mouth are the backbone of most small businesses and a good or bad recommendation can have a significant impact on their success. Small businesses are a tremendous part of any community. Giving a great recommendation will not only help build up that establishment, but you will also help your friends avoid having to experience the frustration of trial and error.

  1. Organize a Food Drive

As Champion Moms, we are always making sure our children are well fed and healthy. However, not all families and individuals are guaranteed their next meal. According to Hunger Free Colorado statistics recorded in March of 2016, 1 in 5 Colorado kids did not know where their next meal would come from and in June 2016, 1 in 8 Coloradans suffered from hunger because they did not have enough money to buy food. We can change these statistics. Try partnering with your PTO or maybe even just a few families that you know. You can set up a day that everyone brings their food donations to a specific location or even go shopping together. Afterward donate the food to a food bank, homeless shelter, or even a family you know personally that is in need. Your children will learn about compassion on a practical level and hopefully apply it to their own lives in the future.

Getting involved in your community does not have to be a huge burden to your already busy life. Small actions can create large impacts. You never know when your actions will inspire the people around you. Go get ‘em, Champion Mom!

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