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Champion Moms do their best to make sure their families have everything that they need. One of these things is a healthy home. It can be hard to know exactly what all you can do to accomplish this and the number of tasks you might think of can be quite overwhelming. Let us help you simplify what you put on your to-do list and still accomplish the healthy household you are striving for. Here is a list of the easier and most effective ways to improving your home’s health.

  1. Fresh Air

When was the last time you checked your house air filter? A few years, maybe never? This is a great place to start in making your home healthy. Dirt, dust, and other allergens will clog up your filter overtime and if not replaced will no longer do its job of cleaning the air in your home. How often you change your filter depends on your home. Check out Service Expert’s guidelines for air filter changing here.  

  1. Regular Cleaning

Keeping your home clean is likely a staple on your to-do list. If you do not have a regular house cleaner coming to visit, you may not be getting the deep clean that your home really needs. Going beyond the typical clean up and wipe downs requires a little extra time. To make things easier, get out your calendar and schedule a block of time once a month that you can put focus on some of the things you do not get the opportunity to tackle regularly. A thorough cleaning will cut down on bacteria, fungus, dust, and allergens. Click here for a fun printable deep cleaning checklist to help you plan!

  1. Carpet Shampooing

Vacuuming your carpets is very important for a healthy home, however just removing the dirt on the surface is not quite enough. Having your carpets deep cleaned every few months will remove dirt and allergens deep down in the padding and extend the life of your flooring. Let us help you keep your home and your family healthy and contact us today to schedule your next carpet cleaning.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient fixtures and appliances are becoming more abundant and cost effective than ever. Consider changing out a few if not all of your energy using items and save you and your family a few extra dollars. You can use your savings to plan fun family centered activities instead!

  1. Safety Precautions

A healthy home is also a safe home. Update your locks and security systems regularly to protect your home from unwanted visitors. Also be sure to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every few months to be sure that they are in working condition and are keeping your family and your home safe.

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