#ChampionMom - How a Healthy Home Makes you a Happy Mom

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Your home is your sanctuary, well at least it should be! Life can get a little crazy at times, but knowing you have a safe place to call home helps ease the crazy just a bit. There are many ways to making your home a safe environment including, but not limited to, security, working appliances, and cleanliness. Health and safety are great partners in creating a comforting home environment. Keeping your home, and the loved ones inside it, healthy is a top priority for every Champion Mom. Ways to ensure great health include regular health checkups, diet, exercise and a clean home. When your family is safe and healthy, you can rest easy knowing all is well!

Champion Moms work hard to take care of our families and ourselves. Knowing that our homes are healthy and safe for our loved ones, we can feel at ease and tackle our other goals. We can take on that new yoga class or get back to our abandoned hobbies that brought us such joy before life’s craziness consumed most of our time. We tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own, but it is important to meet our needs as well. Alleviating stress and taking tasks off of our plate can allow us to do more for ourselves and, in turn, bring us joy and comfort.

So how do we work towards making our homes healthy so we can live happier and less stressful lives?

Here are a few helpful suggestions to consider.

1.    House cleaning – If you find that keeping up with the housework is stressful, try delegating this task out. Get your kiddos involved! Create a chore chart, make it fun, and help them learn valuable life skills in the process. If you have the ability, you can also look into hiring a housekeeper to clean 1-2 times a month. They will handle more of the deep cleaning, allowing your daily upkeep to become less chaotic. Carpet cleaning is also an important aspect of a clean home. We at Champion Carpet and Upholstery Care can help you take the hard work out of carpet maintenance and allow you to do more with your time.

2.    Maintenance – Keeping up with your home maintenance can be a bit daunting. However, if you do not regularly keep up with these necessary tasks, you can be looking at a bigger problem down the road with a more taxing payout. Set reminders on your calendar to help you keep up with maintenance needs and hire professionals as you see fit. Better Homes and Gardens provides a helpful guideline for maintaining your home that can help you prioritize these tasks.

3.    Food and Exercise – Not only are we trying to keep our homes in healthy condition, but also our loved ones. Eating well and regularly staying active will help keep yours and your family’s bodies in top shape. WebMD provides a lot of wonderful suggestions for raising your kiddos in a healthy lifestyle.

With your family and your home healthy, you can breathe a little easier and be a more happy and confident Champion Mom! 

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